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She claimed to have financed the manufacture of the first Make Love, Not War badges that were popular in Britain during the 1960s.
She was a founder member of the South East London Humanist Group at Catford in 1960. She was its chairwoman from 1973 to 2003.
She also officiated at non-religious funerals, wedding ceremonies, gay and lesbian commitments, and baby-namings, and trained other secular humanists to do so.
In 1984, she undertook a five weeks’ speaking tour of the United states, and in 1990 a similar tour of India; and, in 1998 visited India again to inaugurate a mass atheist rally.
When asked about Jesus’s second coming she said: “What Second Coming? Didn’t he do enough damage the first time?”
Ms Smoker wrote at the time of the death of Pope John Paul II to Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock, who had said people of all faiths and none felt a void in their lives at the time.
She said Pope John Paul had offended many through his views on contraception, condom use, women, and gay rights.
She said: “If he had applied for a post at Lewisham council, and indicated these views, it is doubtful if he would have been accepted.”
Sir Steve said it was one of the most unpleasant letters he had ever received.
Her books include Humanism, probably her most influential contribution to the movement, first published in 1973 and still in print today.
She also published a book of satirical verse, Good God! (1977); and a collection of her articles, Freethoughts (2002). She also wrote on euthanasia and scripted a playlet, Atheism on a Soap-Box (1985).
In 1977, she joined the campaign to defend Gay News when it was sued for blasphemy by Mary Whitehouse.
Her pamphlet Eggs Are Not People was distributed to all MPs in 1985 to dissuade them from voting for a ban on embryo research; and in 1986 a letter she wrote of the dangers of segregating children in religious schools. The letter was endorsed by 22 distinguished signatories.
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