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'It's a cornucopia of a book, a joy to read and dawdle through. At its end, we have the sense of time spent in good company' The Australian

'An ambitious attempt to decipher the mysteries of the universe with levity and in layman's terms' Herald Sun (Melbourne)

'Every kind of person would find this book enjoyable and stimulating' Sydney Morning Herald
'An ambitious attempt to make science come alive' West Australian

‘A stylish and entertaining armchair guide to nearly everything' Advertiser (Adelaide)

'In a little more than 400 pages, Bill Bryson does what you always wished your secondary school science teacher would do: make science moreish and fun, even the gross bits' New Zealand Herald

'Here's a man who can do the impossible, make the incomprehensible as clear as a polished wine glass, the dullest subjects as lively as a bar room chat. . . It's a delight from start to finish. I doubt there has ever been a better book of its type' The Timaru Herald

'Bryson invites us into an exciting world filled with querulous, bombastic, introverted, sly and shy scientists at the forefront of research in their times ... In short, he brings science alive and makes it interesting and attractive to any layman' The Daily Post

'[Bryson] portrays science as a very human activity, and its discoveries and central theories as genuinely awe-inspiring . . . This greatest of all possible guided tours may be his best work yet' Waikato Times

'It has been written to entertain, and it does not disappoint. . . It all flows effortlessly with [Bryson's] usual wit and style’ Otago Daily Times

'Bryson is a brilliant writer and this book sparkles with wit and whimsy’ Southland Times
Winner of the Aventis Prize for Science Books 2004.
A Black Swan Book.
UK price £8.99. Paperback.
A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
ISBN 0-552-99704-8