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The Amber Spyglass is the final part of a trilogy His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. The book for late teen-aged readers was reviewed in The Sunday Telegraph by Jessica Mann. She wrote that the book is “original and beautifully written, it is far more interesting than most science fiction or fantasy”. In her review she also said:

The Amber Spyglass makes a thrilling culmination to the story, but it would be a mistake to try this one first.
The heroine’s important destiny was hinted at in the earlier episodes but now is explicit. Lyra, is ‘the new Eve’ destined to rescue the world from its long enslavement to priests, bishops, kings and God. Lyra is a child from Oxford that exists in a world parallel to ours, where everyone has a visible ‘daemon’, representing the soul in animal form.

Her companion, Will, comes from the England we know.

The children are pursued by agents of religion, zealots for whom killing Lyra is a sacred task. There are some genuinely terrifying moments of fight and flight ... The principle villain is Lyra’s beautiful, ambitious mother.

Philip Pullman has a talent that transcends genre.
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