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Religious studies should make it clear that the Qur’an in Arabic has large areas which make no sense in any language. This is explained by Christoph Luxenberg as quoted by Robert Spencer in his book ‘Did Muhammad Exist?’ This is due to the nature of the written Arabic alphabet at the time the Qur’an was originally assembled. So much then for the arrogant confidence displayed by some Muslims about their religion!
Large Parts of Qur’an Make No Sense say Experts
AND Hebrew Bible Not History

The Hebrew Bible, also known as the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, is claimed by some people to be an accurate history book, or at least not a work of myth and fiction. However, the books of Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy have been shown by Biblical scholars and archaeologists to have been compiled hundreds of years after the events that they purport to relate. For example none of the cities at the time of the capture of Jericho, as narrated, had city walls. So, its walls did not ‘come tumbling down’ as described!

The accounts of the lives and adventures of the patriarchs, including Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, are also not historically accurate. Part of the evidence for this is provided by camels. The tales of the patriarchs are full of camels, usually herds of camels. They are described as beasts of burden used in the caravan trade. From the scattered and imprecise details in the books of the Bible it has been estimated that the time of the patriarchs was about 2100 BCE. We know from archaeology that camels were not domesticated as beasts of burden earlier than the late second millennium and were not widely used in that capacity in the ancient Near East until well after 1000 BCE.

The Qur’an treats all these Bible tales as if they were true historical accounts, including the existence as described of Adam as the first man. As Allah speaks directly in the Qur’an and is clearly incorrect He is obviously not all-knowing. Of course, the Qur’an may be simply fiction.

Roy Saich